Okay, in case you did not get my title reference, go watch the Grinch. I know it's only May but if you don't remember that line then clearly you have not watched the Grinch enough!   Anyways, now that that's cleared up let's get to the point of today's post - my health! I recently… Continue reading Hashi-hoobie-whatty?


Race Recap: OC Half Marathon

Leading up to this race I had not done a whole lot of running training. After the disaster that was my Surf City half I decided to focus on strength and cross training. So while I was working out 4-5 days a week, hardly any of it was running. I went into this race just… Continue reading Race Recap: OC Half Marathon

Race Recap & Review : Run to Remember LA 10k

This past Sunday my husband and I ran the Run to Remember LA 10k and it was amazing! Before I get into that experience let me give a little back story on my last few months. When I ran the Surf City Half Marathon in February of this year I finished defeated and broken down.… Continue reading Race Recap & Review : Run to Remember LA 10k

Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon 2018

Where to even begin... Well, this was not the race I spent the last 16 weeks hoping I would have, that's for sure. I know I didn't hit every training run or strength workout on my plan, but I did know that I was feeling in a much better place than I was going in… Continue reading Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon 2018

Week 14 Recap

Okay, I promised I would get better at this so here I am! So let's see what week 14 of half marathon training brought me. Monday - Plan: Tempo Run - 5 min w/u & c/d, 5 miles @ 11 min pace Reality: 0 miles. Nada. The morning came and I was not feeling well and… Continue reading Week 14 Recap

Weeks 2-13 (Eek!)

Well, clearly I am not very good at this consistent blogging thing! Anyways! I will try to be better about doing this consistently. Even though I have like no readers, it helps me to get my feelings out by writing, and helps keep me accountable when I see I haven't written since October! Now, let's… Continue reading Weeks 2-13 (Eek!)

Week 1 Training Recap

Woohoo! Week 1 is done. Let's dive in. Monday: Interval Run - 5 min w/u, 30 seconds @ 10 min pace, 1.5 min rest, repeat 10 times, 5 min c/d. I didn't have a lot of time to complete this run but I was determined to get it done. When I first started I was happy… Continue reading Week 1 Training Recap