Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon 2018

Where to even begin... Well, this was not the race I spent the last 16 weeks hoping I would have, that's for sure. I know I didn't hit every training run or strength workout on my plan, but I did know that I was feeling in a much better place than I was going in… Continue reading Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon 2018


Week 14 Recap

Okay, I promised I would get better at this so here I am! So let's see what week 14 of half marathon training brought me. Monday - Plan: Tempo Run - 5 min w/u & c/d, 5 miles @ 11 min pace Reality: 0 miles. Nada. The morning came and I was not feeling well and… Continue reading Week 14 Recap

Weeks 2-13 (Eek!)

Well, clearly I am not very good at this consistent blogging thing! Anyways! I will try to be better about doing this consistently. Even though I have like no readers, it helps me to get my feelings out by writing, and helps keep me accountable when I see I haven't written since October! Now, let's… Continue reading Weeks 2-13 (Eek!)

Back at it! Training – Body and Mind

I gave myself one week off after Long Beach but being unsatisfied with my overall physique and my slow times lately I knew that I would need as much prep time as I could get for this next half marathon. So I told my trainer (cousin) that I wanted to get back into it after… Continue reading Back at it! Training – Body and Mind