About Me

I am 25, I am a strong Christian and firm believer that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I was raised by two amazing parents and have one older sister. I got married in August of 2016 to my amazing husband who puts up with all my craziness!

I am an avid sports watcher. My favorite pro teams are: NFL – Saints, NBA – Lakers, MLB – Angels, NHL – Kings. My favorite college teams are: Duke and Oregon.

I have ran 10 marathons, 16 half-marathons, 5 Ragnar races, and completed 2 sprint level triathlons. In addition to my running career I played a myriad of sports growing up including: basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, roller hockey, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Due to a shoulder injury in high school I had to stop playing sports competitively and that is when I began running. I still play basketball once a week for a rec league with a few family members and my husband.

I love food and have a major sweet tooth. My favorite color is yellow and I have proudly taught my 4 year old niece that yellow is the best color in the world. I love Disney, my favorite princess is Cinderella. I have lived in Southern California all my life. I attended Shoreline Christian School from pre-school through 8th grade, I went to Liberty Christian School for high school, I graduated with my Bachelors from Azusa Pacific University in 2014, graduated from Cal State Long Beach with my Masters in 2017, and am currently back at APU for a second Masters which I will have in 2019.