Week 14 Recap

Okay, I promised I would get better at this so here I am! So let’s see what week 14 of half marathon training brought me.

Monday –

Plan: Tempo Run – 5 min w/u & c/d, 5 miles @ 11 min pace

Reality: 0 miles. Nada. The morning came and I was not feeling well and my legs were just not having it. I forgot that I wouldn’t be able to get this run in after work due to family being in town. So, I messed that one up!


Tuesday –

Plan: Strength Training

Reality: 4.6 miles @ 11:20 average. Since I didn’t get my run in on Monday I decided that it was more important to accomplish the run. I didn’t have a lot of time and I knew mentally just running 5 straight miles would be rough so I signed up for Aaptiv and had one of their coaches guide my workout. It made it more entertaining and the 4 min intervals they had followed by 1 min sprints were tough! Fantastic run.


Wednesday –

Plan: 4 miles @ easy pace

Reality: 0 miles run, I did my spin class today instead. Usually I had spin on the schedule for Thursday’s but work has me going in early on Thursday’s now and I didn’t want to just cancel all spin so I switched it to Wednesday’s. 45 min XT instead of running today.


Thursday –

Plan: XT – Spin Class

Reality: Nada. Since I switched my spin class to Wednesday and I had work all day followed by a farewell dinner for the family from Iowa, I didn’t get anything done today. Oh well.


Friday –

Plan: Long run – 8 miles

Reality: 8 HARD EARNED miles! Whew. That one was not fun. With the added nights out all this week and the just exhaustion I have been feeling, these 8 were tough. I wanted to quit and just do 6 but I knew that I needed to get my 8 in and I am proud to report that I did. Last “long run” before the half marathon!


Saturday –

Plan: Strength training

Reality: Strength training! Spent an hour and a half at the gym with my little sister. She has never used the machines at the gym and so she was nervous to try by herself so she asked if I would be willing to show her, which of course I was! It was fun getting to pass on some of the little knowledge I have. I am excited to see her get stronger and enjoy going to the gym.


Sunday – REST DAY!

Ooee I enjoyed this day with my husband. We went to church, had a church wide BBQ afterwards then came home and watched some football, I took a nap during the blowout that was Eagles/Vikings. Made some dinner and just relaxed. It was a fantastic rest day to finish out the week.



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