Weeks 2-13 (Eek!)

Well, clearly I am not very good at this consistent blogging thing!


Anyways! I will try to be better about doing this consistently. Even though I have like no readers, it helps me to get my feelings out by writing, and helps keep me accountable when I see I haven’t written since October!

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty of the training that has taken place. I have less than 3 weeks until the Surf City Half Marathon!


Weeks 1-9 were SOLID. I missed very few workouts and felt great building my mileage and being consistent in my training. I knew I was getting stronger and I loved the feeling of enjoying myself again.


Then, week 10 the holidays were upon us and my work schedule changed so I had to adjust some things around and I’ll admit, I missed about half my workouts. Week 11, my husband caught the flu and was so sick I was worried about leaving him for too long. Week 12 I caught the cold portion and had all the grossness that comes along with it – runny nose, nasty cough, major mucous build up, etc.


Week 13 was a little better as I managed to get 2 out of my 3 runs in plus a basketball game and 2 spin classes! Now I am two days into week 14 and I already missed my first run because I hit off instead of snooze on my alarm this morning.


Here’s hoping I can get it done after work and get back on track!

Short and sweet recap but that’s about all I got in regards to the last crazy 13 weeks. I can’t believe I am already just a few weeks from racing my 17th half marathon! I am looking forward to a strong and fun race in my home town. Let’s just hope my three week hiatus doesn’t derail me too much.



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